gurkanje, negdje – queerANarchive


Two bodies are found suspended in a passage connecting a side and a main street. Their intimate gestures of nudging, pushing, poking are in the same time encouraged by the darkened atmosphere as well as interrupted by frequent passers leading them to a state of awareness, of caution.

Identities are negotiated in the street.
queerSTREET/queerULICA was a weekend workshop organised by queerANarchive with aim of documenting how and where queer identities are manifested in the urban tissue. Held in late January 2015, participants worked in groups and delivered different short films.
Jostling, somewhere/Gurkanje, negdje is one of the films, made by Marko Gutić Mižimakov, Tonči Kranjčević Batalić and Tanja Minarik.